Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silas Stannard Age 59

Photo taken February 1, 1872

Photo is large carte de visite by H. Bishop Chambersburg PA

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silas Stannard Age 49 Photo taken in 1862

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Photo is Ambrotype (image on top of glass plate with black shellac on back of glass)

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From left to right:

Polly Carter (Stannard) 1819 - 1900 (daughter of Mary Dibbell Carter & Jared Carter)(Mary Dibbell Carter AKA Polly Dibbell Carter)

Anna Eliza Stannard, Born April 3, 1846, Died September 12, 1922. She is buried at Indian River Cemetery Middlesex Co CT. She married Charles Titus Ward.

Silas Stannard 1813 - 1891

Photo is Tintype (sheet of metal)

Silas Stannard from Clinton / Middlesex Connecticut 1813 - June 5, 1891

Son of Jacob & Jerusha Stannard

Married Polly Carter on October 1, 1838

Photo is daguerreotype (copper plate with a thin coating of silver)